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Netherland's Scarf. Am I doing this right?

Hello~ I'm knitting a my first scarf for Netherlands (from Hetalia) for my brother and I'm having a mini crisis with the outcome of my rows.

First of all, as background, I'm knitting it vertically, for one. But this way I only have to switch colors four times instead of a billion. XD These are my dimensions:

5 stripes; blue, white, blue, white, blue. 294 stitches per row (7 ft). 8 rows per stripe.

I'm using 2, 19", size 9 circulars and garter stitching. The yarn is Vanna's Choice.

So. The reason I'm freaking out is because I just finished what I assumed to be 8 rows on my second color (white), but the yarn finished on the other side. Here are some pictures to illustrate:

Click to enlarge them.

Where I started (beginning):
The back of the beginning:
Where I left off (end):
The back of the end:

So can anyone tell me if I have indeed stitched 8 rows of each? Is it normal for the yarn to end on a different end? I'm I freaking out over nothing?? HELP.


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EDIT: Thank you!! I counted the CO with my rows. orz I'm taking a row out so that it'll be even. c: Thank you again~~


Did you count your CO as a row?
I did. D:
Maybe that threw it off for a bit?
Mm... what did you mean? D:>
The cast on row isn't counted when you do your knitting (and neither is the cast off row).

If you don't count those rows, your ends will end up on the same side when you add the new colour.
I see! @w@;; I'll take a row out then. c: Thank you!
Glad I could help. and that my explanation made sense. Let us know how it works out.

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