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SPN: not alone

marinarusalka in fandomknit

FO: Dean Winchester doll

I have finally finished the Dean Winchester doll to go with the Sammy doll I showed off in my intro post. It took me a little while to figure out how to achieve his typical "leather jacket over jeans and a t-shirt look," but a little intarsia finally did the trick.

Look: he has his necklace and everything!

Note that while knitted!Sammy refused all my efforts to give him a happy smile and insisted on a bitchface, knitted!Dean was totally willing to smirk on request.

The knitted!Winchester boys together


This is so awesome. You've made my night! *grin*
Hee!!! Adorable! Especially about the facial expressions!
i don't watch the show so i dunno the likeness but those are so cute :)
I finally caught up on both seasons of the show last week, after 2 years of forced sporadic viewing thanks to ITV scheduling inconsistancies and belated digibox acquisition. Loving the Dean-smirk!
EEP. even cuter than expected! much love :P
OMG!! These are too awesome! It's uncanny because I've recently joined a knitting group to learn how to knit and just randomly came across this from a link at TWOP -- I've got to try to make one! Are they really hard to do for a beginner? Do you offer a pattern or instructions on how to make them ourselves? (I would understand if you didn't since they're your design.) Man, I can't get over how cute these guys are. Thanks for sharing!
Whoops, my last comment got messed up, so I'm reposting.

I think an advanced beginner should be able to make these dolls easily enough. I'd only been knitting a few months when I made the first one. If you know how to decrease, pick up stitches and knit in the round on dpns, you're good to go.

The pattern I used was the Joey Ramone doll from Stitch-n-Bitch Nation. I just adapted it on the fly, changing the colors to suit the characters and making the Sam doll a little taller and the Dean doll a little shorter.
If you know how to decrease, pick up stitches and knit in the round on dpns, you're good to go.

OK, maybe I should knit a few scarves first, LOL. I vaguely know what that stuff means but not how to do it yet. But now I have a goal! I actually saw that book in Barnes & Noble, I'm going to pick it up. Thanks! :D

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