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Please help!

Hello fellow knitters!

I'm in a bit of a crisis... I fell in love with a hat but I'm too new to knitting to figure out the pattern. I really want to knit this hat because I love Emma and I LOOOOOOOVE Glee. If you can help, I'd be your humble servant.


If this isn't allowed, please feel free to delete. Just feeling a little desperate and hoping I'm not the only fandomknitter into Glee. Thanks!


It looks like crochet to me, not knitting. It's hard to tell from that shot, but...

...meh. iTunes won't let me take a screenshot. Go to 35:40 in the episode, or look for screencaps from the point where they hug - you can get a good look at the beret there. See how the rows sort of interlock? That's the same effect you get when you make granny squares. Unfortunately, I'm not enough of a crocheter to tell you how to turn it into a pattern.
It has some similarities to this one: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/hairnet-paradise-beret

But it has a tighter gauge than the one on ravelry. And the one I linked is crochet. It is possible to knit a mesh as well, but it's hard to say from that image which it is.
It's definitely crocheted.

hoping I'm not the only fandomknitter into Glee.

Are you on Ravelry? There's a forum for Glee and a thread (har - thread) here about this very hat.

Good luck!
I just looked through the thread, and posted this:

Touch of bliss is definitely the closest here. The Original hat is definitely single crochet with a much wider hook, probably in a simple hexagon pattern from the pom-pom out. Once you get the proper diameter, then you just crochet down a cylinder, probably do some decreases towards the end. I can't see how they did the band, but it might be with a hook half the gauge, and twice the stitches.
Our work here is done. *high fives*
Okay, now to teach me how to crochet...
I'm just in utter lust with so many of Tina's knitted accessories. Her armwarmers! Her hats! I love them ♥
Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

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