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A questionnaire and some crafts to share

Hi everyone,
I'm a lurker, crafter, and graduate student studying fandom crafting for my masters thesis, and I'm doing a short informal questionnaire about fan craft over at my journal. If anyone happens to be interested and wants to answer a few questions, I'd really appreciate it!

You can find the questionnaire here.

Some of my recent projects.

holmes cameo
A second attempt at a Sherlock Holmes cameo. I made the first out of super sculpy, and this one out of black and pearl fimo. I'm still not super pleased with this, but I haven't had a chance to make another yet. It's pictured on some knit up handspun that was supposed to be caliometry from knitty, but ended up being too big for me.

A WIP fingerless glove from this pattern by Jennifer Amey. Inspired by Amy Pond and knit in TARDIS blue (actually knitpicks essential kettle dyed in Jay)

Your life doesn';t make sense

I've not had a chance to knit the last bit of cuff or the thumb yet, but I think I like how it's coming out.

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