First Post! Chip the Teacup!

Hi!  First time posting to this community, extremely knew to livejournal, please bear with me as i try and adapt.  Thanks!

This is what happens when someone jokingly tells me a should knit something, haha, i give it a shot.  Just kind of sat down, popped in "Beauty and the Beast", and made him up as i went along.  I'm very pleased with how it turned out :-D

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Tholian Web bag (& friend)

Yeah, so I had this fantastic idea for a really simple knitted shoulder bag that could easily be adapted to suit different awesome designs. It's basically just a double-knitted rectangle folded in three. The side panels and handle are knitted separately and then sewn into place. This was the first one I made:

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New member!

Hi!  I just joined today and thought I'd introduce myself.  I am a great big geek with a ton of fandoms.  I recently (a few weeks ago) taught myself how to knit.  Once I get my current non-geeky project done, I'm throwing myself into geeky knitting.  I've got some Doctor Who inspired projects I'd like to do.  Plus Jayne's hat and Mark's scarf from Rent.

There is one thing I would like to ask you.  I'm working on starting up a craft blog for myself and can't think of a good title.  Right now all I can think of is The Crafty Geek.  I want to use something more clever than that, but the little gray cells aren't helping me out.  Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.  Feel free to check out my profile to get an idea of my geekdoms. ;)  It's a long list and I don't want to bore you.  TIA!
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Please help!

Hello fellow knitters!

I'm in a bit of a crisis... I fell in love with a hat but I'm too new to knitting to figure out the pattern. I really want to knit this hat because I love Emma and I LOOOOOOOVE Glee. If you can help, I'd be your humble servant.

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If this isn't allowed, please feel free to delete. Just feeling a little desperate and hoping I'm not the only fandomknitter into Glee. Thanks!
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