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Fandom Knit

Fandom Knitters Unite

Fandom Knitters
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Fandom + Knitting
You love to knit, and you're smitten with a fandom, so what's the next logical step? Why, fandom-related knitting, of course!

This is a community for those of us who feel strange urges to create scarves with LuthorCorp/Buffy/Star Trek logos; to recreate Doctor Who's scarf, or Neo's sweater from The Matrix; to lovingly design an intricate Tree of Gondor chart; to knit 7-foot long Hufflepuff scarves. You know you're out there.

Please do:
  • Post knitting, fibre arts and fandom-related content ('fandom' can mean anything from a TV show, a movie, right through to a book).
  • Discuss that fabulous [insert knitwear item] you saw on [insert show/film here].
  • Be creative.
  • Have fun.

Please don't:
  • Post images without a livejournal cut.
  • Post spam or non-knitting/fibre-arts/fandom related entries.
  • Flame, poke, goad or otherwise be an annoying bore.
  • Post copyright patterns and/or charts.
  • Hotlink to other folk's images and hog their bandwidth.

Spam and other such nonsense will be removed by the moderator [anglepoiselamp] without warning.

Fannish knitting resources on LJ and elsewhere:

who_knits (Doctor Who)
starwarscrafts (Star Wars)
thepurlhole (Pushing Daisies)
bigdamnknitters (Firefly)
lotr_knits (Lord of the Rings)
weasleysweaters (Harry Potter)
hp_knitting (Harry Potter)
  • Atypically.knit (Harry Potter)
  • Crafts at Kotaku (videogame related crafts)
  • Sci Fi KAL
  • Geek Crafts
  • Craftster

    For cute crochet projects, check out weloveamigurumi! :)